Guess who’s back?! Back again! Yikes, am I showing my age?

So I guess a month later isn’t too bad to check back in.  Sorry about that.  I know that you have been sitting at the edge of your seat just waiting for an update!  Well, a girl can wish 🙂

I’ve been so busy and sick and sick of being busy, but now that I’m on Spring Break (wooo!) I have some time to catch up and breathe.

The last I wrote I was having lots of issues with bloating and discomfort which was really messing with me mentally and physically.  I work so hard to keep fit and build muscle, but even after all these years I still stare at my belly EVERY time I pass a mirror.  To sweat my booty off 6 days a week and see nothing but a round gut was extremely frustrating.  Each day I’d vow to eat less and work out more to fix it.  THANK GOODNESS my brain would eventually yell at myself to get out of my disordered thinking and get a grip.

After talking to my nutrition coach (she’s amazing, I’ll give you all the details later!), she instructed me to write down when I felt the most discomfort and bloating.  After a few days of journaling,  I noticed that certain foods, mostly dairy, caused the food baby.

I outlined several steps that I wanted to take here and was able to follow them for a good TWO weeks- YAY!

But, UGH, that I was hard; I freakin’ love apples!  So here’s what I have been doing for the last five weeks that have really worked for me:

  1. Cut out Whey protein (Even the most amazing protein powders that line my cabinets like these)
  2. Cut out anything containing Lactose (yogurt, cheese, ice cream, cottage cheese, milk)

It’s definitely been difficult and I’ve had to make many changes to my normal meal prep, but CAN I GET A DRUM ROLL PLEASE???!!


Progress March

I’ve changed nothing to my diet other than taking out lactose and yes, I did cheat on the weekend with lots of ice cream especially after Page’s Dairy opened and  I can’t just do a small size…  But THANK GOODNESS my mind can rest and I can stop my consistent pushing just to see results.  My “normal” belly is back and I’m not uncomfortable, even my leggings.

One thing I really enjoyed about this change is all the new foods that I’ve incorporated into my diet.  My running partner is vegan and introduced me to all kinds of yogurts and cheeses that I didn’t even know existed.  So I’m not completely missing out on my beloved ice cream creaminess and cheesy burgers while feeling so much more comfortable.

I still have to get my lactose testing done at the end of this month and will update you will official results.  Do you think they will just let me eat several things from Page’s  instead of drinking that gunk?!

Thanks for checking back in!  Let me know if you’ve ever had any aversions to certain foods and how you’ve dealt with them.

Next post I’ll be sharing my new lactose free meal/snack.  Wait until you see my breakfast! 🙂

Remember, if life gets sticky, don’t forget to have fun (and incorporate lactose free ice cream)!