PicsArtNO!  I’m not pregnant!

But it certainly looks like I could be, right?  At least that’s what I think I would look like pregnant….

Anyway, I’ve been having some difficulty with bloating over the last couple of weeks.  I felt bloated when I woke up, I felt bloated after each meal, and I felt bloated when I went to bed.  There were brief grace periods where I felt normal and comfortable.  When I did feel “normal,” I’d run into the bathroom and see what my stomach looked like so I could feel okay with myself.  I mean, I JUST posted a picture of my abs, so they have to be in there somewhere.  This has been extremely frustrating to me since I work my butt off in the gym, eat properly, and take pretty good care of myself.  Though I’ve been stressed out A LOT lately, I just attributed it to lack of sleep and the fact that my mind is constantly in overdrive.  However, when a student’s parent pulled me aside with wide eyes, ready to ask me when I was going to make a big announcement, I knew it was time to take some action.

After doing some research and taking notes on the times I felt the most bloated, I decided that I was going to cut out certain foods and see how my body reacted.


STEP # 1: Cut out foods considered to be ‘FODMAP’

I’ve heard of FODMAP foods before and briefly considered eliminating some of these foods, but heck – look at this list! I LOVE everything on here! FODMAP is an acronym for “Fermentable Oligo-, Di-, Monosaccharides And Polyols.” These foods that contain short chain carbohydrates that are not easily digestible in the small intestine.  I read many articles to gather information and found this site to be extremely helpful in explaining what foods put under the umbrella of FODMAP and how they are processed in the body.  I’ve referenced back to this site several times while meal planning.

A Little Bit Yummy
















STEP # 2: Cut out anything containing lactose

IMG_1425I thought eliminating FODMAP foods was difficult, but this was by far the most daunting for me.  Cutting out lactose meant my beloved protein waffles would have to wait. My afternoon and night time snack of Greek yogurt would certainly have to change.  I mean I practically have Greek yogurt flowing through my veins. Greek yogurt is part of my heritage, how could I say goodbye to that tangy sweetness?  UGH –  and my nightly ice cream!

After gathering lots of information pertaining to both FODMAP foods and lactose intolerance, I ate this Mac and Cheese the day before my experiment began like it was my last meal.


Again, I had to remind myself its only for a week.


So its officially been 6 days since I’ve had any FODMAP foods and no lactose.  I survived!!

Was it tough?  Heck yes!

Did I learn some new snacks and incorporated some new foods into my diet?  Yes sir and ma’am!

Now everything I’ve read says that I should cut out these foods for 2 weeks and slowly incorporate either lactose or FODMAP foods back into my diet slowly.  But…. it the weekend was approaching and we had tickets for the South Side Soup Crawl. Many of the best soups are swimming with onions, garlic, cream, milk……

I did try many of the soups and really didn’t pay attention to the ingredients, but focused on enjoying the beautiful day with my friends.  Stay tuned to see how my body reacted!


Some things I’ve learned with my experimenting this week:

-I don’t feel bloated by the end of the day and don’t have pants and/or bra marks on my body

-I don’t feel as gassy

-Looking into the mirror at my stomach doesn’t give me extreme anxiety

-My workouts seem “lighter”

-Finding things to eat is very difficult as was hitting my macros

-I could survive if I had to cut either foods out of my diet


My next step is to call the doctor and have lactose testing done to be see if I am intolerant. But for now, all I can think about it an overflowing bowl of ice cream…

Check back to see my results and my meal planning!