When thinking of what my blog name should be, peanut butter in the title was easy;

  • I LOVE peanut butter
  • I eat peanut butter several times a day
  • Peanut Butter fuels many of my long runs
  • One of my biggest fear foods used to be peanut butter
  • I may slightly obsessed with peanut butter of all kinds….

Then came the difficult part; I didn’t want my blog to JUST be about peanut butter.  I wanted my blog to represent my life, my struggles, my triumphs.

So what do most people think when they hear peanut butter?  JELLY!

Okay, so something that starts with J that represents my life…

Then it hit me; JUNGLE GYMS!

Jungle Gyms represents so many things in my life especially as a teacher.

I tend to take life too seriously at times and often feel like I have to fill every single moment with something productive; it is extremely difficult for me to relax.  Because of this anxiousness, I often miss out on fun opportunities or moments of spontaneity where you really make memories.  The piles of dishes will come back day to day, Steve will always have some new toy destroyed all over the floor, but friends will not always be able to all get together on a Sunday for brunch and going away parties won’t happen next weekend. Jungle Gyms for me is a constant reminder to slow down and have fun.  Just like a jungle gym, life is set up waiting for you to play, but you must get out there to enjoy it.

As a teacher, I design engaging, thought provoking lessons that are tailored to my students needs to succeed. Although I know they learn and most of them enjoy what they are learning, I rarely look back and remember how a student mastered the properties of addition or could name all of the first settlers of America, but I remember how they grew as a person.  I remember how difficult it was for that student to join a football game because they weren’t sure how to ask to play.  I remember how a student was new to the school knowing no one, but by the end of the year joked and laughed with students in both 3rd grade classes.  And where did this growth and learning come from? Recess by the jungle gyms.


Remember life may get a bit sticky, but don’t forget to have fun!