Hi!  I’m Alyssa and welcome to my creative little space.  Come back often to find a good story; I always have one!


So now you are wondering… Why Peanut Butter AND Jungle Gyms?  What do they have to do with each other or even you?

Let me tell you a story!

There are many reasons that I’ve wanted to write a blog, but I’m now ready to share my story and hopefully help someone along the way.

Peanut Butter

I LOVE peanut butter.  Like would only each peanut butter for the rest of my life LOVE.  It hasn’t always been that way though.

I’m a daughter, friend, sister, aunt, dog mom, runner, teacher, and PERFECTIONIST.  Since I can remember I had pretty good control over my life.  I studied hard- received good grades.  Worked my butt off during dance team- Squad Leader. I had goals and I achieved them.  Then came college.  Real life was coming closer and closer and I had less and less control.  Life was changing and I so desperately needed to hold on to what I knew.  School, relationships, life was spirally beyond my control so I took control in what I thought was the best way possible; restricting.  My body told me one thing and my mind told me to do the opposite.


I saw GREAT control.  I was winning at control.  No one else was as skinny as me and no one else had the will power that I did.

This was terrifying to others.  Thank God people cared about me when I wasn’t so easy to care for.  I believed they were trying to control me.  How did I handle this?  MORE CONTROL!  Less eating and more exercise!


I had many fears in life.  What if I don’t achieve my goals of becoming a teacher?  What if I lose friends and no one likes me?  What if I allow this eating disorder take over my entire life? These fears translated into certain fear food.  Pasta, breads, steak, and most of all PEANUT BUTTER! I would nearly have a panic attack if peanut butter was involved in anything.  Why would I eat this fat?  It’s going to make to fat, INSTANTLY!


After years of therapy, hospitalization, many tears and frustration I am becoming a strong person so I can be a better daughter, sister, aunt, friend, dog mom, runner, teacher, and most of all role model.

 As a runner and teacher who is constantly moving, peanut butter fuels more and adds some sweetness into my life.

Peanut butter to me is not only strength, but represents that when I went through an extremely sticky time in my life I was able to conquer my fears and even have CONTROL of those fears.

If I can you can too!  I’m here to listen, to complain, to rejoice, to cry, to laugh, to advise; I’ve been there and now there are happier times on the other side!

Are you wondering now why Jungle Gyms?

Come back and see!


Remember, when life gets sticky, don’t forget to have fun!